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BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is an effective and independent audit for the sustainability of an element of the built environment.  It is a useful design tool to assist the client, design team, contractor, and other parties in procuring, designing and delivering a more effective building that can deliver lower running costs longer term and improve environmental conditions.

BREEAM started 25 years ago with the first assessment being an office block in London. BREEAM has now grown to cover numerous different schemes and with the BREEAM other buildings, can cover everything from a garden shed to a new parliamentary assembly building.  In July 2011 the latest incarnation of BREEAM occurred in the form of BREEAM 2011.
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GBSPM are covered for all BREEAM schemes with the ability to deliver BREEAM Industrial, Healthcare, Education, Offices, Retail, Multi-Residential Schemes, Bespoke and other buildings.

GBSPM hold licences in all relevant schemes and are accredited professionals as licensed by the BRE.   Through their membership of Fforwm BREEAM and as construction advisors for the Chartered Institute Of Building (CIOB), we have close links with the BRE both in Wales and Watford.  With their project management experience, GBSPM assists the team in ascertaining the optimum BREEAM score and through the full life time of a project continually re-assess the BREEAM score and assessment to ensure cost savings, value for money and practical decisions are made based upon the current conditions on the project and the latest BREEAM guidance.  This goes some way to explain why in the last three years we have won three awards for our work.


GBSPM also provided training, presentations and a great deal of information both to the industry at large and also back to the BRE to increase the understanding, effectiveness and the buy-in to this valuable scheme.